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Create professional 3D scans & upload 3D models for use in e-commerce, marketing, games, architecture, metaverse and more.

3D model with AR
3D Cup model
3D Shoe model
3D Chair model
Table 3D model

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What is 3D ProBox?

Edit 3D models

Upload 3D models

This is a platform that users can upload 3D models and use for their businesses. 3D ProBox users can upload 3D models in .glb and .obj formats in seconds.

Work with your team

3D ProBox can be used by multiple users. Create and customize projects with your entire team. In addition, it provides a more compact and less error-prone operation.

Multiuser work environment
Edit 3D models

Edit 3D models

Users can edit 3D models they uploaded. Users can customize their 3D models by using crop, colour/brightness, rotate, annotations, resize, scale functions in 3D model viewer.

Integrate with
e-commerce platforms

You can list your 3D models on e-commerce platforms. Work has already begun to integrate with leading platforms such as Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, etc.

Marketplace Integrations
Display 3D models with embed code

Display your 3D models with the embed code

Display a scanned or uploaded 3D model on your website in seconds by using embed code technology. Take advantage of the opportunities of this transformation in e-commerce. 3D models reduce return rates by up to 40%, it is also reducing return costs.