It's as easy as 1, 2, 3


It's as easy as 1, 2, 3


It's as easy as 1, 2, 3

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3

Discover a user-friendly process that simplifies everything - just follow the steps and experience 3D like never before!

Step 1: Upload

This is a platform that users can upload 3D models and use for their businesses. 3D ProBox users can upload 3D models in .glb and .obj formats in seconds.

Users can upload 3D models for using 3D model viewer. This is a cloud and display service. Users' 3D models will exist forever.

A platform that users can upload 3D models and use for their businesses
Upload 3D models in .gl and .obj formats in seconds
Drag and drop

Step 2: Customize

3D ProBox users can edit 3D models they uploaded. Users can customize their 3D models by using crop, colour/brightness, rotate, annotations, resize, scale functions in 3D model viewer.

Users can use edit functions and customize 3D models as their wish. Users can make shape/detail changes in 3D model viewer.

Customize your 3D models by using crop, color/brightness, rotate, etc.
Ready to use

Step 3: Publish

Publish the 3D models and display what you want. 3D model viewer can be integrated with Shopify as a start. We are working for other marketplaces integrations.

Display uploaded 3D models on your website in seconds.
Use embed code
Reduces return rates and costs

Get ready for 3D transformation in digital marketing

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User Benefits

3D model production is faster, easier and cheaper than working with a photographer. Utilize the 3D services and catch up with 3D transformation in the digital world.

Return rates decreases up to 35% in the businesses which use 3D models for promoting their products in e-commerce platforms or websites.

Technical Details

Model Files
Upload Limits
<500 mb
Edit Functions
Using areas
Unreal Engine

Case Studies

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Hamur. Home textile business.

The expansion process of Hamur in digital marketing with 3D models.

CotAgency. Develop & Promote.

CotAgency offers digital and innovative solutions to its users. It uses 3D models while marketing on the internet to increase the sales rates of its customers.

GameWorks Studio: Revitalizing Game Development Journey with 3D models.

In order to use and store 3D models, Gameworks studio has chosen to work with 3D ProBox. Gameworks studio continued to add value to itself with 3D ProBox in terms of assets and visual effects in games.

Technical Details

3D ProBox
Supported Files
Upload Limit
where you can use


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I have 3D models in formats other than .obj and .glb. How can I upload these models to 3D ProBox?

You can convert your 3D models to .obj and .glb formats using converters available on the internet. After this process, you can easily upload your models to 3D ProBox.

Do the 3D models we use on our website slow down site speed?

No. One of the advantages of the 3D model viewer offered by 3D ProBox is that it does not aggravate the websites it is used on. All data is processed on 3D ProBox servers and the resulting image is automatically reflected on websites.

Can I display my 3D models on marketplaces?

Yes, but this function needs some time. For now you can display your 3D models on Shopify. In the upcoming updates, 3D ProBox users will be able to showcase their 3D models on the other marketplaces soon.

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